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Guide on how to use correctly!

First of all i want to inform you that soon we will enable Litecoin direct wallet payments and later we might add also Payeer as instant payment method.

If you are newbie and you dont know how to withdraw satoshi (satoshi is the smallest denomination of bitcoin, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin.)  then follow this guide :

1. First of all do tasks on Earnsato and earn satoshi (by viewing adscomplete offerwall offersfaucet, shortlinks).
2. Create a account.
3. Go to Withdraw Page of and withdraw your satoshi (minimum 200 satoshi) to your faucetpay account, At Earnsato website it will ask you to provide your email used to create your account then type the email and proceed.
4. Your funds have been transferred instantly to your faucetpay account!

Some useful answers on most common Questions:

Q: Why to withdraw to
A: act as a bank to store your satoshi, unfortunately bitcoin transactions are expensive due to high transfer fees. Using faucetpay  we can send you directly and instantly your satoshi without any delays. Then when you have a good amount you can withdraw from them to any bitcoin address or any exchanger address, you can even exchange your satoshi/btc to another currency like litecoin which has lower withdrawal fees and transfer those funds to your direct wallet or exchanger wallet. In other words, faucetpay is great for micro transactions and store your value until reach a good amount and transfer it.

Q: When litecoin direct wallet payments and Payeer will be enabled?
A: We are trying hard to re-enable litecoin direct wallet transfers and hopefully we will add it this month. We are also planning to add payeer usd payments (It will auto convert your satoshi value to usd and send it to you instantly).

Q: How can i earn more from
A: If you want to earn more satoshi, you can use your referral link and refer your friend to the website.
You will get paid for almost every action they make, They make money, You make money! (You can view the percentage of each tier here)
Another way to get more satoshi is by completing OfferwallsOfferwalls pay very high amount of satoshi and you can make fast $$$.
Offerwalls automatically send a confirmation to our website and your satoshi get credited (But you must complete the offers correctly, otherwise the offerwall provider will not approve your application).

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