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23.03.2021 - We added new Offerwall (CPX-Research). Click here to earn more!.
Frequently Asked Questions
When i can withdraw?

You can withdraw when you reach 400 Satoshi for every withdrawal that you make!


Withdrawals are instant for Wallet . (If there is any problem with faucetpay api your withdraw will move to manual and we will arrange to send your satoshi asap!)

Now you are able to withdraw via Bitcoin Wallet Direct, minimum 2500 satoshi with 1% fee.

How much i receive from referrals?

You receive 20% of your referrals earnings.

You receive 1 satoshi for every shortlink complete of your referrals.

You get 10% of successfull offerwall completes of your referrals.

You get 1% of any deposit your referrals make. 

For how long i can earn from my referrals?

Your referrals are lifetime referrals, you will get earnings from them as long as they earn(Viewing ads, Claiming, Complete Offerwalls & PTSU).

More referrals = Better for you, Check profit calculator here.

Click here to find your referral links.

Why i didnt get credits for PTSU?

Pay to Signup offers are regulated from advertisers.

Its up to them to approve or deny your application.

You must follow exact instructions of the advertiser in order to receive satoshi and get approved.

If you feel that you followed all the steps and advertiser didnt approve you, please open a support ticket and we will try to resolve this issue.